Wednesday, 25 April 2012

kcwc - day 3

It's day 3, I cut the fabric for Little Missy's apron style top and was going to stitch a doily on the plain gray fabric, I couldn't find a white one, and wasn't exactly sure she'd like it.

We're not a very frilly, flouncy, girly sort of family, last year I made Big a dress with lace trim on the sleeves. She wouldn't wear it, it was a fabric she chose and I was a bit surprised. After a few tears she admitted she didn't like the lace. Out came the unpicker. Then she happily wore it.

So, rather than hunt down a doily I was already unsure of, I took inspiration from this dress and made a panel for the front using *finally* the scrap jars. I didn't plan, or spend ages arranging, I just pulled out suitable colours and sewed. 

It was surprisingly good fun, though the jar is still bulging.

All ready to finish off tomorrow... 


  1. And so I repeat, you really are storming ahead this year!
    I love the look of the tunic. Fab stuff.

  2. ooh, lovely. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you're clever. xx

  3. that's gorgeous! I know how your kids feel when it comes to lace - my mum was always shoving broderie anglaise edges on everything she made. *shudder*

  4. OMG check you out! We'll have to come up for a visit and have a fashion show of all your handy work! xxx

  5. I love love love the scrappy front! Such a good idea! Now I know what I've been saving my scraps for.. those future, down the road kids I'll have ;)

  6. Love hoe you put the patchwork panel into this. Too cute!


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