Saturday, 21 April 2012

catching up

It's fair to say I'm behind on just about everything these days, and when that happens, the best thing to do is ignore all the boring stuff and head to the sewing machine.

Before I could get to the machine I had to shove too much out of the way, including my scrap jars, full of foolishly small scraps of fabric that I couldn't just chuck, and I promised myself when the jars were full I would do some quick, scrappy, unplanned sewing to use them up. Hmmmm. Soon...

These log cabins are heading to Judith, who is being inundated by blocks for Project 1 as part of the Siblings Together charity project
Lots of good folk are making and donating quilts for siblings who are separated by the care system, but get to spend precious time together at the summer camp. Each child will get to take a quilt home with them with a personal message written on by their sibling, imagine the comfort and memories this will bring them when they leave camp.

Another little parcel landed on my doorstep too, from the gorgeous new shop The Village Haberdashery that is packed full of wonderful fabric and all the accompanying bits and bobs you need. 

Next week it's the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I'm sure last time I thought I'd plan it, and get patterns / fabrics ready in advance. It didn't happen. I let the girls pick out some fabrics from the suitcase today. Are you joining in? Are you more organised? 

Wish me luck.

Linking up with our creative spaces and wondering how people manage to get so much done?


  1. those jars of scraps look so gorgeous. See, that's another reason to have kept them ;-)

  2. What gorgeous fabric! I LOVE the typewriter one - thanks for the link to that website, I may have to place a small order now!

  3. Generally my housework suffers in favour of getting my sewing projects done ;-)

    Gorgeous fabrics, looking forward to seeing what you make with them. x

  4. You and me both, life is never quite long enough. Good luck with the kids clothes week. You are a braver woman than I.


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