Monday, 23 April 2012

KCWC day 1

It's day one of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, the aim is to sew / do the patterns / cut the fabric for clothes for your children for one hour, each day, for seven days. 

Last night I made a decision on the first item I'm making, for Missy Big, in a fabric she chose from the suitcase, that I'm glad is finally getting used - it was one of those that I liked in the shop, but wondered what had possessed me once I got it home. 

Missy Big wanted a tunic to wear over leggings, so I traced off the pattern for the Dress with Lace Doily (page 60) from the Carefree Clothes for Girls book, it seemed pretty enormous so I took it in, slimmed down the A-line and made it much shorter.  It's coming together very easily and should be finished tomorrow.

So far so good, now what to make for the little one?...


  1. Your sewing is amazing!! Nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Have a fab day!

  2. Very cool. Clothes making just scares me :)


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