Thursday, 26 April 2012

KCWC day 4

This little reversible apron / pinafore top thing (does this style actually have a name?) came together super speedy and in less than an hour it was stitched up this morning. I have to say I love the gray side with the panel - sooooo pleased with how it looks.

When Little Missy was back from nursery she happily posed and jumped and twirled for the photos, and I started nit-picking over the low neckline and how it shifts so much when she moves and all the bits I'll change if I make another.

But we like it.

The fabrics in the panel are all scraps from previous makes, Little Missy enjoyed picking out which print matched whose clothes.

Tomorrow is another day, I have a pile of fabric they chose and no idea what I'm going to make. 

Lots more creative spaces over here.


  1. Wow, so beautiful! I love the colours you've used. You are inspiring me to find some easy patterns and be brave! x

  2. Very cute... Love the fact that it is reversable! :)

  3. looks great! The patchwork panel is lovely :-D

  4. such a sweet tunic....they are great in that they can be worn in so many different ways..

  5. So so lovely, I would happily wear either as an adult!!

  6. Hi! This is such a cute apron/pinafore! How did you construct this garment? I'm trying to make something similar (adult-sized) but can't figure out how I'll be able to turn it right-side-out once I've attached the shoulders.

    1. Hi Nikki, thank you! It's surprisingly easy to construct. If I remember correctly (I haven't made one since this one) I started at an underarm seam and followed it round until the 'top section' of the garment was all connected. I snipped the curves, turned it through and pressed the neckline and underarm seams flat. I then turned it inside out again and joined the bottom curved sections. Snip, turn and press again. I left the turning through hole in one of the straight side seams, once it's all turned through hand stitch the hole closed. I hope this helps, email me if I can help anymore - hello at colettemoscrop dot com and I'll try and dig out my notes, good luck!


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