Tuesday, 17 April 2012

little hands making

The holidays are over and I'm trying to find my way back into the routine, smiling as I look around and find some of the things we made over the last couple of weeks.

I think these were my favourites - making notebooks for friends by drawing around hands and cookie cutters. 

We had a great couple of weeks, restful, creative, happy.

Now I'm looking at the chaos that has been left behind and wondering which bit to tackle first? How can we have made so much mess in just two weeks?    

Hope your holidays were good too. x


  1. thank goodness for school, that's all I'm saying!

  2. Very cute. Love the beads!

  3. Children + Crafting = Giant mess making mechanism + Fun

  4. Love those notebooks! And the mess is my enemy too, being creative always brings a lot of mess in my house...

  5. Love the beads and everything else. I suggest ditching the cleaning and have a little sewing session instead ;-)

  6. Ah, those were the days. Sandwich making is as about as creative they get now, and yes, there is still a mess left to clean up.

    Looks like you had a great Spring break.

  7. Wear sunglasses in doors and don't turn on the lights then you won't see the mess. Alternatively move house.


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