Thursday, 27 January 2011

my creative space

I had a tiny amount of free time today, and I needed to sew. I've been playing around with a few ideas in my head and I got to try them out today. I'm not sure this is 'just right', but at least I got to make for a little while.

It might be because it's blue that I'm not thrilled with it - I had gold stamps but was in the mood for some colour.

Also popped into a charity shop - look what I found! So excited! I think it might be a dry clean sort of fabric, but it has an attic-ish smell, should I wash it? Could use some advice, I normally just find cottons so this is a bit of a dilemma. And then what to do with it, I initially thought of a skirt, but might not get to wear it that often, curtains - for an imaginary window? Hmmm....

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  1. am loving the stamp houses. wonderful. fabric should be ok with a gentle hand wash. If its cotton may be a cold wash in machine so doesn't shrink to much. but not if its a glazed shiney cotton as that would probably ruin the finish on it.

  2. oh I just love your craftiness today. I picked up a heap of old books from the school fete last November. They are still in a pile waiting, waiting, waiting to be used. I just love what you have done with your dictionary pages. I think the colours are perfect together.
    Re your new fabric, oh gosh, its full of spring and pretty. I can almost smell those lovely blooms. I am not sure what to recommend for washing, perhaps handwash. What to make?? Pretty cushions maybe. Looking forward to seeing your creation.

  3. Gorgeous work Colette but is it not illegal to deface a stamp? Heehee, imagine that in court "Please let me go, I was only making pretty houses, I love the Queen!"
    I hope your sewing 'urges' have been quenched.

  4. I love your making, how creative and looks like a fun way to spend some time! and what pretty cloth!

  5. Love the stamp-y collage - I looked at the detail shot first and didn't straight away realise it was stamps, which made it all the more intriguing - very clever! And the mini bunting is so sweet. Lucky you with that fabric!

  6. I LOVE your collage, the stamps, the colours, the stitching and the mini bunting! genius and gorgeous all rolled into one :)
    I smile to see your "times on the toilet" chart....I don't seem to remember having this problem with my eldest but the wee one has a complete aversion..potty no probs..big toilet argh!!...may have to borrow your idea :)x


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