Sunday, 16 January 2011

10.10.10 day 7

I know I'm lagging a bit behind with this now, but at least the rain stopped today long enough to get out into the garden for a play and a bit of a tidy up. 

Somebody who lived here long before us planted it very well, it's green all year round - but it doesn't have many flowers and because we have more trees than necessary nothing much grows in the soil. So I'm slowly filling it up with bits and bobs to make it a little more interesting. 

I love our garden, it's a bit dishevelled, I can barely keep on top of it, it's very private and attracts so many birds it's amazing. 

Every year the blue tits come and nest in the wooden bird box, it's on the side of the garage and quite close to the house so we get to watch them bringing in the twigs and moss for their nest and patiently wait for the chirping of the babies. Mum and Dad then spend many days back and forth with food for them and they eventually come out and learn to fly. It's such a pleasure to have them for a few weeks.
Sadly the cats and crows around here are quite sharp and I'm constantly on edge, last year a crow swooped in and took a parent. I was heartbroken, I know it's nature but it seems so cruel.

I was so pleased to see the snowdrops today, they always make me feel like spring is on it's way and we're past the worst of winter - not always true but I like the promise it gives me.



  1. your garden looks fantastic, I love it when the plants start to nose their way out of the earth, it does really feel as though we are over the hump of winter and can start to think of spring and warm sunny days.

  2. oh Colette, your garden is beautiful. I so love the nesting box and your dangling heart. This looks like a wonderful garden for children, places to hide, little bits of cosy. Thank you for sharing part of your home with us. I so love this project. Bless.

  3. What lovely hanging hearts Collette, are they glass or perspex perhaps ? Great bird feeder too :)

  4. The hearts are glass, I get them at local craft markets when I find them.


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