Tuesday, 18 January 2011

10.10.10 day 9

Still at home with a sickly child (who is thankfully almost a normal temperature again) so these are snippets of vintage and nature I found around the house.

I got these gorgeous rusty tins (5 of them) in a flea market in Paris, they weren't very expensive at the time. I went back to find more treasures a few years later when we had a home to fill to discover the prices had soared, wish I'd bought more the first time I went. C'est la vie. 

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my sketching, I hope to continue - there are oh so many ideas swimming around in my head.


  1. Only one more post to go! Its almost too much that it will all be over soon! Beautiful whatnots and thingamybobs.

  2. I hope your little big girl is better soon. Big hugs from across the ocean that her temp stays down.
    I love your little tins, wow, what a find. The photos from around the home are the ones I am enjoying the most. It's amazing what you find in everyday items. These again, are lovely photos. I look forward to your day 10. I do hope we can all cope with regular blogging after our little project. lol


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