Monday, 17 January 2011

10.10.10 day 8 and sketching

I'll come clean before I start this post, I've broken the rules a little. This project is meant to be photos just as you see them and no editing. 
I was inspired as I was clearing up after breakfast, the jar of Vegemite sat on the worktop and I remembered my nerdy fondness of packaging. I love bright colours and stylised packaging. Not only do they look great but they often provoke some sort of memory - a time, place, person or emotion.

I remember on trips to Greece and Turkey collecting the crisp packets and Coke bottles, they were so different from the ones at home but instantly recognisable. I probably still have them in the chaos that is our loft. That packet of Kimia Dates was polished of at Christmas but I keep rescuing it from the recycling as Mr tries in vain to stop my hoarding.

So, I cheated, as I looked through the cupboards I was struck by so much of the packaging, I hauled them out and photographed them, just there on the worktop. I didn't arrange them, just put them out one by one. 
I don't love the photographs themselves, they are full of flaws - but I love the content.  

I also made a start on my sketchbook, this was something in my hopes and dreams list for this year and I thought I may as well make a start. Missy Big was off school with a high temperature so I had them cutting out, sticking and drawing in their scrapbooks so I joined in. Initially struck by fear - what the heck am I going to draw? Thankfully a vase of lilies were just there and waiting.

I haven't sketched  just for the sake of it since my college days, I started off a bit wobbly, the first one is a bit wishy-washy, but I like how the second one turned out. I like the lines just flowing over each other and the movement of the pencil. I like how it shows that I was enjoying it and more confident as I went along, the left side is a bit unsure of itself and the right is much stronger. 
I think I might enjoy this.

How are your plans for the year going? Keeping up with your challenges?


  1. Oh lilies, my favourite flowers and how well you have captured them...your sketch is fantastic! Love the perspective of the second one. LOVELY! I look forward to seeing more more more! :)
    Hope your Missy Big gets better soon.
    ps. Just LOVE the photos of your garden too,looks like there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Gorgeous!

  2. Hullo Colette, oh wow, love your pantry collection, and yes, some packaging is just meant to be rescued. I hope your little Missy Big is feeling better soon.
    In regards to your sketching, oh gosh, I want more, this is beautiful. I used to draw alot as a kid, but ummmm, never been good at it, and just don't seem to have the time like I used to. I do hope you get back into it, you certainly have a lovely talent with a pencil and sketchpad. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Great stuff, love the date package too, and the confident lines in your second sketch are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Love the photos of the packaging, we should all take time to really look at the stuff around us, it's surprising what you see on a second glance. Your sketches are brilliant, my OH use to draw, and just the other day arrived home with new "pencils" and is hoping to find the time to start again. I hope so.
    Hope you find the time to keep sketching.


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