Friday, 7 January 2011

10.10.10 day 2

It's still raining, but I had to go into town so I took along the camera. It finally stopped for about 5 minutes while we were heading back to the car park. 

I hastily took these. You know I've walked past this pub a thousand times, but when I stopped to look at it and walked around to the back, I noticed for the first time just how charming the building was. Why they hide all this with it's bland modern fascia I don't know.

Hoping for better weather over the weekend, but if we don't get any - it just adds to the challenge.

Also playing along is:



  1. Success in the rain all round I think! Who says we need good light to take a decent photo?

  2. It's so fun to see the sights with all of you! It feels like a little adventure I'm able to come along on.

  3. Hullo from Australia! I found you from Lola Nova's blog, and these photos are lovely. I am thinking of joining in. I hope I still have time. Thanks for sharing. It's really very tempting.

  4. Awww, I'd rather have rain than the snow we are getting here......nooo not more snow!!
    Hope you don't mind but I've awarded you a "Stylish Blog Award"! If you are fancy playing along come and check out what to do! x


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