Sunday, 9 January 2011

10.10.10 day 3

The sun came out so went to the allotment, it's the first time we've been in ages. Half was covered in frost the other half bathed in glorious sun. Just look at the colour of the sky! I can hardly wait until it gets warmer so we can spend our days there again. I have soooo many plans, unrealistic I know - but a girl can dream...

Mr glanced his critical photographers eye over my efforts for this challenge, he gave me a few pointers and I think I'm happier with this set of images (also helped that there was light today). 

The thing is once you start looking there is so much to see. Ten minutes is not enough.

I forgot to mention, we got our tent this week - YAY!!! Roll on summer. 
And you may remember Missy Big fractured her arm, or so the doctors told us, well the second lot of x-rays said she hadn't - luckily, and just after Christmas she was pain free and could move normally again, what a relief. It certainly made us realise how lucky we are that we are all (mostly) fit and healthy.


  1. Ooh, what a gorgeous 10! I keep looking out at the sad state of our back yard and making big plans for spring. If I get to just a small bit of what I'd like to do, I will be happy. We need a chicken run and I want more flowers!

    Good news about the arm!

    I may not get to my 10 today. So dark and sleety out, ugh. Oh well, I don't think we are meant to stress about it though, it's supposed to be fun right?

    Anyway, I think your photos turned out just beautifully!

  2. Yea for the first sunny day of the year. This set are stunning! Really really love the one with the tree stump.Must have been something in the air yesterday as I caught the hippy gazing wistfully out the kitchen window at the appalling state out garden is in, and muttering about how we really must get to work on it. Amazing what a tiny bit of sun does to us isn't it?


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