Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Yesterday I managed to get started on the sewing of my first piece of quilting. It's a bit of a test piece really, I'm trying out different methods of piecing / patchwork and then trying out different threads for the hand quilting. I'm going to be making this into one of the 4 cushion covers I also need to make, two birds, one stone: why not?

For the stripy side of the cushion I have used a foundation piece of fabric and starting in the center I have stitched the strips on one by one and pressed them as I've gone. 

This gives you a fairly solid piece when they're all sewn down, which makes the basting quicker (luckily for me as I cannot find my tin of safety pins anywhere and had to hunt for odd strays around the house). 
I had thought this was called the foundation method, but having googled it and found something way too complicated for me I don't know what this method is called (answers on a postcard please).

The hand quilting is quite enjoyable, I think my stitches are a little big and wonky - but I'm sure I'll get better with practice. I'll be trying out different threads to see which I prefer. I love the texture you get with hand quilting, it looks very inviting.
If you are a hand quilter what type of thread do you use? 

I also managed to get Little Missy's hat finished, it's quite a nice fit, only a little snug, I think it will probably stretch a bit too. It feels like I'm doing well with my list so far, I'm sure I won't keep this pace up - but I'm going for it while I can.

I'm joining in with Work In Progress Wednesday, I'm a little obsessed at the moment.


  1. The cushion is going to be lovely and cheery - a great combination of fabrics and designs. I've got a quilt on the go, and I WAS going to hand quilt it (it's only small) but when I got started I quickly realised I'm rubbish at hand quilting and I think I may use the machine. Though your cushion is tempting me to have another go by hand as it looks so nice...
    (Word verification says 'andnest' - how appropriate!)

  2. I love your pillow cover so far! And I agree with you -- hand quilting makes things look really friendly. :)

  3. Love the fabrics you picked and the cushion is going to look great. I call that piecing method sticth and flip, although I have no idea if that is correct :)

  4. I agree with kelly, those fabrics are bright and cheery. I've never tried quilting so am enjoying seeing it through your eyes...looking forward to seeing the work in progress :) Love those little crochet flowers too on the hat..lovely touch :)x

  5. Such fab colours! Hot pink and orange are just the thing to warm us up at the moment! Lovely to meet you on Sunday


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