Thursday, 19 January 2012

failure V success

Making macaroons have been in the pipeline for a while, Little Missy and I had a go this afternoon. It was not a success, they stuck to the baking paper and crumbled apart as I tried to scrape it off, I thought I could accept a bit of a rough finish. 

Then we tasted them, no sign of the lemon flavour (or colour) and the buttercream filling was too sickly, all in all... a massive failure. You know it's not good when no-one wants to finish them.

Thankfully I'm having more success with the quilting, the other side of the cushion is nearly finished, I'm hand quilting it with cotton perle, which gives it a great texture. I love doing this, it's the perfect thing to pick up when you have a spare moment and just carry on, and on, and on, it's very soothing.


  1. Well if its any consolation, your macaroons look a lot better than anything I could have managed!

  2. Well I know which one I would rather be good at.

  3. Take heart - macaroons are meant to be very difficult. I've never been brave enough to attempt them. The quilting is so lovely. Love all that red and the handstitching is gorgeous.

  4. Its definitely testament to your photography..those macaroons look delish! As does your beautiful quilting,such painstaking work but so worth it.
    ps. Thankyou for the pattern suggestion! Such a great idea which had completely by-passed me..and why should kids get all the fun clothes :)x

  5. Wow, such lovely warm colours! Keep up the good work!


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