Thursday, 5 January 2012

the list

It occurred to me just after Christmas that January and February are the perfect months for guilt free crafting. It's too cold to be at the allotment, I have no birthdays to be making / planning for for a few months, it's a quiet time to be selling. 
So I'm making the most of it and I'm speeding ahead with my list...

My crochet hook case - finished. I do love the fabrics, but it is very pink.

I am also managing to follow my first ever crochet pattern and making Little Missy's hat. It's coming together very easily but I've tried it on her and I think it might turn out a little small, she's right in between the child's size and the woman's size, I'm following the child's size and thinking it might stretch, but as I've never followed a pattern before what if it doesn't stretch? I've also never worked with wool before (Rowan pure wool aran) does it stretch / shrink?? Any advice welcome! 

I've also joined the new London Modern Quilt Guild. I know I'm a novice quilter, but they still let me join. I'm so excited about this new project and have so many ideas... 

... hoping to get onto some quilting next week - watch this space! 


  1. Hi Colette,
    Not sure about crochet or that yarn in particular, but I find most wools I knit with stretch a bit when wet. You could try soaking the finished hat in the correct wool wash and water temp, then pulling it out a bit to make it bigger??? Maybe???

    Greer x

  2. oh yes..very pink but I likee :)
    Happy New year Colette! What a gorgeous festive time it looks like you have had..and that picnic blanket is AMAZING! Do the sandwiches come off? I LOVE all the details you've added..your girls must have been tickled as pink as your crochet pouch! :)
    And wow!Your impressive list of things to make may even beat my lengthy one!I see you have making a skirt on your list..I'm currently looking for an A line style pattern..any recommendations?
    As for a crochet hat stretching...mine always did with a little encouragement if the stitches weren't too tightly crocheted..but I never used solely pure wool...hmmmm......! xx

  3. Love your crochet pouch and look forward to seeing your quilty makes :)


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