Tuesday, 3 January 2012

a new year, a new list

I like a list, I have many floating around reminding me of what I should be doing, what I forgot to do and what is urgent.

So here's the fun one, my creative 'to do' list, things I want to make this year...

a dress (or 2) for me, everyday wearable ones, nothing fancy

4 new cushion covers

a quilt (a first for me, not counting the dolls one)

a curtain for the front door

a crochet hat for Little Missy

a skirt for Missy Big

my crochet hook case

lots of new things for my shop

a skirt for me 

Lots of things in there for me, seems a little unlikely they will all get done. Gotta have plans though...

What's on your creative 'to do' list? 


  1. Happy new year Colette- looks like a super crafty year ahead for you! I adore your picnic balnkets in the post below - amazing!

  2. Ooh, a quilt for me too. My first too (not counting dodgy teenage attempts 100 years ago...) And lots and lots and lots of knitting.

  3. That's some list Colette, I applaud your enthusiasm ( and wish I could generate some myself! ). Looking forward to seeing you tick them off.

  4. I'm trying to finish off a heap of things before starting anything new, but it's sooo hard! I want to do some dressmaking for myself too, and also want to do some quirky samplers. Good luck with your 'to'do's!


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