Thursday, 6 October 2011

planning my creative space

You may know that it's the Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley next week, and I'm trying to be a bit more organised this time. I have a list of things the girls need  and a whole head full of things I could make. There are fabrics to choose...

I bought pattern books, to hopefully save time on the pattern cutting front and get more clothes actually made, but so many patterns to choose from now.

I am currently re-organising the house, (mostly it's still in my head, but I've started) and this includes my tangle of embroidery threads so that I'll be ready to go on the next project, a curtain to go on the front of a shoe shelf/cupboard Mr made a long, long time ago, I'm finally getting round to my part.

ahhh, that's better...

I'm heading to The Knitting and Stitching Show with my Mum for our annual outing at the weekend, it's dangerously full of fabric and yarn in there, wish me luck!

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  1. Ooh, good luck with the kids clothes challenge. I have made a couple of things from the Carefree Clothes for Girls book, though I struggled with leaving all those raw edges and found myself dutifully hemming away! Have fun at the knitting show. x

  2. Have fun at the weekend. Wish I was able to make it there, but sadly... busy busy busy

  3. Hullo Colette, oh I haven't been around for a while, but it's so wonderful to catch up with you. So ok, please excuse the long post, I am going back over a few of your posts here. lol. I love the fabrics you have for sewing for your girls, looking forward to seeing what you make from them. Those sewing books look beautiful. Re your new gift tags, well I did same last week with some magazines that were 'hanging around' except not gift tags, I did book marks. I do love yours tho, those shirts and buttons and the lovely floral fabric ones are very pretty. I haven't ribboned mine yet, but will share when done. It's the perfect way to upcycle and have a tidy up all at the same time. Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

  4. Have a lovely weekend you two x

  5. Have a great weekend - would love to participate in the week of sewing for children - really ned to get onto it and some for me to:)

  6. Hi Colette! So glad to see you back and embracing the 2 1/2 hours you have free :) It IS very strange, I've had to keep myself busy so as not to notice...far too quiet not to though!
    I'm so impressed with your would probably keel over in despair at the state of my embroidery threads...I do!
    I bought that fantastic book on "clothes kids love" over a year ago now,still haven't made anything yet...Thankyou for the reminder of its existence..time to rake it out and get sewing!!
    Hope you have a FAB outing with your mum this weekend..sounds like my idea of heaven :)x


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