Tuesday, 27 September 2011

i got a little lost...

...physically, in the V&A

...and emotionally, Little Miss started Nursery a couple of weeks ago and I found myself wondering all over again who the heck I am when there is no small one demanding my attention and filling my days. But I'm coming around to the 2 and a half hours of child free time everyday and I've stopped pacing the room. I even started doing a bit of work.

...but today I'm going to share my day out yesterday, Mr has no work at the moment (we're trying not to panic) so I took full advantage of the opportunity and headed into the smoke.

a wire sculpted gorilla, made to look as it was made from coathangers

There is a fantastic exhibition on, the Power of Making is full of objects made by hand, some traditional, some very modern and using technology (I now know what a 3D printer is) but all celebrating the power of craftsmanship and how it fits into our world today. You can't take pictures in there, so these are just a few of the things you can expect to see. 
Alphabet Pencil Sculpture by Dalton Ghetti
These are incredible and are all carved using a razor blade and a needle.

A lace fence by Jeroen Verhoeven
Not this actual one on show, but beautiful, just beautiful. 

Baby by Michelle Sugar Art
 Yes, sugar art - this incredibly life like baby is a cake.
It was a little creepy, who could possibly cut into that? 

There is so much to see and it was packed, so go early if you're planning a trip. You will love it. If you want to see some of the makers in action, pop over here, you can watch a pig cake being made, amongst other marvellous things.


  1. I absolutely could not eat a cake like that. No chocolate!

  2. Looks like an amazing exhibition. Good luck with all that new spare time! (Sounds like heaven, just quietly!) x


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