Wednesday, 7 September 2011

good times

The big one went back to school today, the little one starts nursery on Monday, and I've been looking through the holiday pictures. This is what we got up to...

loved the recycled sculpture trail at Teignmouth beach

we baked, and made, and played, and started on some pompoms, we're going to pompom bomb the allotment, or the park or maybe our garden, inspired by this

it hasn't been a fantastic year at the allotment, many things just didn't grow, but we did get lots of flowers and it was still fun

a day out at the Southbank, where we caught the last of the Festival of Britain and the Liberty Festival, and browsed through the booksellers stocks

all polished off with delicious birthday cake the girls made for me and some last minute sewing, a new P.E. kit bag

now I'm wondering if it would be wrong to stuff in the last of the cake before school pick up?


  1. Never ever wrong! Better get a move on, you will need to be there very soon!

  2. Totally agree with Flaming Nora, it is never wrong to eat cake! Love the photos what a fun packed summer! x x x x


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