Monday, 10 October 2011

kids clothes week challenge - day 1

It's here, the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I got off to a good start, making the most of a free morning. I have about four things I want to make. 

I'm pleased with my start, it's a bib style pinafore dress for Little Missy, it's a copy of a dress she has and loves but is growing out of which has caused many tantrums.
I'm not sure how the week will go, my Sister-in-law has surprised us with a visit from New Zealand, I will continue if / when I get the chance. 

Are you in? How has your first day gone? 
Happy sewing out there!


  1. This is very sweet. I like the way the cut of the pinafore puts the front of the straps on the bias. It is a nice detail.

  2. Oh I love the colours you've chosen here. Lovely and bright!

    (I'm slightly disturbed by the sugarcraft baby in your earlier post though!)

    Happy sewing


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