Monday, 7 June 2010

signs of produce

We have been busy digging and planting on the allotment and we are starting to see some rewards for our hard work.

Some peas are starting to show themselves.
Some of the fruit bushes my father in law gave us. He gave us lots and has planted us loads of seeds too - need to dig out those beds a bit quicker....

I'm really pleased with what we have achieved so far this year - it's more than we had really planned to do. We are falling behind on the weeding though - oops. Sorry the pictures aren't great I took them on my phone as I forgot the camera again, also forgot to take pics of the veg!

I'm also very miffed with the council, they told me on the phone when we took on the plots that we could put up a shed, now I'm told we can't. I'm having to bring everything from home every time, which is time consuming and heavy. 
It also annoys little missy and causes her to throw a strop as I can't hold her hand because I'm laden down with spades, seedlings, hose, toys, snacks - you name it I'm probably carrying it. Sorry for the moan but I don't think a small shed is an unreasonable request, especially as some other people have them.

Anyhow, we are having great fun on our plots and the girls are learning so much, they are even getting brave when they see a worm so things are looking up.

Happy growing x


  1. Ooh I'm so jealous of your allotment, and i do wish I had space for fruit bushes- someone was giving away rasberry canes on freecycle the other day and I had to sit on my hands to stop myself taking them! I think the secret to my produce being a bit further on is due to me having started most things off on our windowsills in seedtrays and pots, back at the begining of march- things were quite taking over the house!

  2. Not allowed a shed! Madness!
    Tis looking good though!

  3. Its a shame that you can't have a shed. Does the councilnot provide a communal place, where you can leave your tools.

    Your peas look ever so delicate.


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