Friday, 4 June 2010

my creative space

This week, despite it being half term I have tried to snatch a few minutes here and there to try and make the girls a dress each, it's a slow process

 I began this project last week, here's Mr's old shirt, with a hole, but I couldn't just throw it away, so it joined my stash to become something another time... it's time has come...

I've spent a week adapting an old pattern that my Mum used to make dresses for me into 2 new patterns for each sized girl. 
I miss my pattern cutting table (it's unassembled under our bed, sigh)- I've been doing this on our tiny kitchen table and it's driven me slightly bonkers.

but today we got somewhere, I cut the first dress out and started to sew it up. It may look a little uninspired at the moment, but give me a little more time and hopefully it'll be lovelyMissy big is thrilled (despite it being blue and not pink).

I may add some of these crochet flowers, or some applique and embroidery. I'll keep you posted.
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This week we found a pink heart full of sparkly beads in a charity shop - how could we resist? Bought me some peace whilst I cooked dinner.

happy creating x

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  1. Wow that is fabulous! Would look lovely with the flowers too! x


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