Tuesday, 22 June 2010

local talent

This weekend we've visited the open studios of local artists, we've been to the local ethical market, my Mum and step Dad have been visiting, it was Fathers Day and my wedding anniversary (7 years) I'm exhausted, inspired, glad to have spent some fun time with my family and enjoying some peace while little miss is napping.

the duck pond market is full of locally made arts and crafts, locally grown produce and ethical goods

I came away with some a new union jack bag (a birthday present from my Mum 3 months early) and some more fabric for clothes for the girls - these ladies are the only people who seem to sell fabric outside of the west end, they are very lovely, this is where I got the pink dotty fabric for little missy's duvet cover, I may have to stalk them. 
Mum brought some fabrics for me too - the ones on the left, there is definitely a red moment coming on.
We ate everything else we bought.
We also have some home grown yummies, (more red)fresh strawberries from the garden and radishes that a fellow allotmenter gave to us - delicious, I think it will be all worth the hard work.

 my little helpers heading home

I also made a lemon drizzle cake - looks good but was a bit dry - do you have a good recipe or any tips? I will save you a slice!

The open studios was very inspiring though I got no photos, it made me want to have a go at painting (not usually my thing) and to start a new sketch book, which is something I haven't done for far too long, I don't seem to just draw anymore (except for cats and pink bunnies for little missy)I think I miss it.

I'm a bit behind with reading what you've all been up to, hello to my new followers and thank you all for the lovely comments you leave I love to read them all, I'll be catching up this week with blog world.

happy local life x

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  1. Dry or not that cake looks yummy! I always make Nigella's madeira/lemon poppyseed cake from Domestic Goddess cos I loves it so. There's a recipe in the Hummingbird bakery book too I want to try, it looks delish!
    Lovely fabric too!


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