Friday, 18 May 2012


Somebody stole this week, I'm sure. How come it's Friday already? Just to prove to you (and me) that I have been doing something here's a snippet of the quilt that I am FINALLY quilting. I did some wobbly line quilting on the printed areas and I'm hand stitching on the blocks of colours in yellow, green and teal with cotton perle thread.

It's very slow, but very satisfying. Though I had to stop today as my finger tips are raw and brusied, I don't get on with thimbles, they just fall off or get in the way. 
I feel like I've cracked the hand quilting now (and letting go of trying to get it all perfectly even). I've found that if I work away from me (bottom to top) rather than from right to left, as I would normally hand stitch, it all works out nicely.

Linking up with our creative spaces, oh and I have a yummy giveaway on Monday - make sure you pop back, I think you'll like it! 

Happy weekend people, x


  1. Love the wavy quilting and your hand quilting looks pretty perfect to me!

  2. love it! It's funny, I sew towards me when hand quilting. Sideways just doesn't work at all!

  3. Your quilting looks amazing Colette. My fingers get that way too. Put a plaster on and use that as a 'thimble'. Protects finger tips but you still have some feeling with it on :)

  4. Wow, I love that yellow stitchline! And it doesn't have to be perfect! (I always tell that to anyone but myself ;-)

  5. Really enjoying the quilting , loving all the colour combinations. I wonder what Monday will bring?

  6. It's beautiful. Your hand stitching is so neat. I really love that blue circular pattern fabric, where did you get it? x


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