Sunday, 6 May 2012

just a week late...

Remember the red scrappy panel I made? I did make it into a dress for Missy Big last week, but was quite unimpressed with it. I thought it looked a bit long and it made me think of a night dress.

I wasn't quite sure how to fix it, I didn't want any fussy embroidery / trims on it, I didn't think any red any where else would balance out very well, what to do???

Eventually, with another try on and a bit of tweaking I added a channel to the inside, just below the waist, then threaded some elastic through.

Voila. It works. The pink fabric is lovely and drapey, I have no idea where it came from but it makes a great play dress. 

While you're here... do you fancy winning these lovely Laura Gunn fat quaters? Glenroy Designs are generously giving some away on the LMQG blog, and shipping internationally! You've got until Tuesday - quick!


  1. It's brilliant! Definitely better with the addition of the elastic. Love her Hello Kitty slippers - my Bella would kill for those!

  2. What a clever solution! Looks great!


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