Wednesday, 15 February 2012

hearts and triangles

Cushion cover no. 2. I've made some progress, it's been slow, but this bugger will not defeat me. 

Whilst I love all these fabrics by themselves or with a partner, I do not like them all together, or cut up into small pieces it seems, seeing how fabrics work together in quilting is proving to be a challenge.

This half-square triangle cushion cover was going to end up like this. But I really disliked it.

So I decided to sash it (get me with my quilty lingo), with one of Mr's old shirts, also another skill to try out. I do prefer it like this, but I don't love it. 

I machine quilted this with my fancy new walking foot which was fun, but I wasn't very adventurous, I stuck to (almost) straight lines. It will get bound soon, hopefully.

I whipped up this potholder before I started on the cushion, slightly happier with this, though the quilting is a bit gathered - no walking foot at this point. It'll be perfect for when we go camping in the summer.

And of course we didn't forget Valentines day, just a bit late - lots of sickness in our house. 

Add a marble to your cake tin...

bake, sit back and watch the tiddlers decorate your hearts.  Yummy. 

Freshly Pieced Quilts over here and creative types over here.

See you after half term. x


  1. I love the sashing on the pillow. It really lets each halved square shine. And the colour combo is one I'd be too shy to attempt but I love it!

  2. Luscious colours and those heart shaped cup cakes are very clever and yummy looking!

  3. The quilting looks fabulous, lady! What you talkin' about?

  4. your cushion cover looks lovely and the pot holder is very cute too. it is like that sometimes, seems good as an idea but then when you make it its not as good. from an outsider's point of view though, it looks great :)

  5. I love those heart shaped cupcakes! And the triangles quilt is looking amazing!

  6. I'm rather fussy about combinations of fabrics, and it can be frustrating as I don't have HUGE amounts to choose from, so sometimes I end up feeling disappointed with a bit of patchwork. But once I've lived with it a while, I stop noticing the combinations that made me grumble! I love the way you made the heart shaped cakes!

  7. Love the sashing you used, it makes a really cool cushion!

  8. What a great idea for he cup cakes, I'd never have thought of shaping them that way.

    What are you on about, that cushion looks great! think you were right to go with the neutral sashing. It stops the bold colours from become too overpowering and allows them to be seen more clearly. They work well together on the potholder, perhaps because its a smaller scale and they lend themselves well to log cabin

  9. The neutral sashing was a stroke of genius - it shows of the HSTs really nicely. I love that potholder and you are so right about the usefulness of a potholder on camping trips - I got one in a swap last year that went away with us, it was a really useful addition to our equipment.

  10. I don't have the ability to copy the quilting but I think i may well have a go at the heart cupcakes! Thanks for sharing!


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