Monday, 27 February 2012


I finished this skirt for Missy Big last week. This was a compromise skirt, she wanted a straight denim mini skirt (as seen in a magazine at the library). I don't think so. 

I persuaded her that frills would be fun. Agreed. Would you like one or two pockets? NO! Only if they are invisible, (in the side seam) would she have a pocket. Some trim, some embroidery? NO! 

I added the buttons without asking, I think I got away with them. When did 6 year olds get so focused on the details of their clothes, I wasn't expecting this for at least another few years.

This weekend was a good one. No rushing around, no trying to cram in more than is possible, no (huge) tantrums, warm days to play in the garden (they made a wormery) and lots of things crossed off the endless list of things to do. All very satisfying.

Following a great weekend, I noticed blossom on the trees this morning. Spring is coming. *big smiles*

Then the postman came, *even bigger smiles*. I was lucky enough to be a runner up in Jenny's giveaway over at Love and Peas. I love her embroideries and her paintings are so charming, so I was thrilled with the gorgeous note book and brooch that she kindly sent to me, and some choccies too, mmmm. Thank you Jenny! 

Jenny also woke me up to the perils of pinterest and a whole debate that is going on. It had passed me by completely, but I will revisit my boards on pinterest and delete any pins that aren't credited back to their original source, though I'm wondering if that's enough? It's all leaving a very bitter taste.

Hope your weekend was a good one, x


  1. Love the skirt!! I swear they teach fashion on the sly at school now, judging by my two nieces!!

  2. Love the skirt! It's all about compromises with little ladies..... the same here, and if I make what I want, they won't wear it.... ;-)


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