Tuesday, 7 February 2012

fabric & yarn

A little retail therapy, to feed my new quilting habit, (nobody told me how addictive it is).

From Raystitch and John Lewis

When I'm watching Missy Big at her swimming lessons I like to have an easy and small crochet project on the go, I have more than enough ric-rac now...

...so I've started a new blanket, the Bullseye, also seen on Kate's blog (yes I'm stalking her crochet makes), which of course meant I needed more yarn. Gulp.

Child free, free time after a lovely and inspiring quilt meeting this weekend was dangerous for my purse.


  1. Love those bull's eyes keep thinking maybe ......
    But then something way less interesting comes along! The quilting groups meet up looks great fun, Has made me think of some mad, bad and dangerous to know quilting ideas! Oh for a 30 hour day!

  2. Totally addictive and without a cure I think ;).

    Lovely selection of fabrics.

  3. Now, now, Colette, you can never, EVER have enough in the stash.

  4. Very pretty fabrics and love your crochet trim. I am really enjoying crochet at the moment which is a shame when I supposed to doing sewing commissions..!

  5. oooh lovely blues...
    but don't distract me with your gorgeous fabric..you're a runner up in my giveaway! yay!
    I've got a little prototype notebook at the printers and would like to send one to you when done(though it may turn out rubbish and take forever to arrive!) But if you could email me you address I'll pop something in the post :) xx

  6. sorry missed out the "s" loveandpeas(at)hotmail.co.uk


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