Monday, 7 November 2011

Little Missy is getting big

I've been a little preoccupied lately. Someone small turned four at the weekend and I very easily slipped into present making and party planning and stayed away from the world of blogging for what seems like forever. Hello again, it's nice to be back!

I had a go at a rainbow cake, I've seen them all over blogland and thought I'd have a go, a layer for each year. I used gel food colourings as many people suggested for a more intense colour, I was pleasantly surprised when I cut into it, as it had seemed a little dull when each layer came out of the oven. 

A happy party playing pass the parcel, pin the hat on scooby-dooby-dooby-dooby-do, musical spots, you get the idea, simple pleasures.
Little Missy, we love your adventurous spirit, have-a-go attitude, drama queen antics, endless twirling and hilarious face pulling.   

Happy Birthday baby girl x


  1. Lovely! Love the tea cups full of snacks.

  2. Colette check you out what an amazing cake! Little bean ain't so small anymore and just too cute! Hope you all had a lovely day squeezes to the lot of ya! x x x

  3. Oh lovely! I love a proper party... and the cake looks fabulous. It's my boys' birthday next week and they have requested fruit buns instead of cake!

  4. love the cake! im doing a rainbow cake tonight for my daughters your colours very girly.well down.

  5. Happy belated to your little one! The party looks the stuff memories are made of!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Gorgeous cake!

  7. Aww!!
    Love that cake, what a lucky little girl, happy belated birthday to her!
    Ali xx

  8. Great cake & Happy Birthday to 'Little Missy'. Beth/The Linen Catx


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