Thursday, 10 November 2011

His and Hers

These have been in my head for far too long.

It's nice when they turn out just right isn't it?

Inspired by these, from last year. I have many other versions whirling around, I'll get there. 

They are in my shop, if you're already thinking of Christmas.

What's in your creative space?


  1. Fantastic and fun. You're clever!

  2. LOVE them :) you genius you!
    so lovely to see you back :)kept on visiting but there was no addition to your scrappy goodness I see AMAZING rainbow cake and a gorgeous growing girl too. sweeet!
    looking forward to seeing what else is ruminating in that mind of yours

  3. Oh - very cute!

  4. Looking at them makes me think of Salvador Dali and Marilyn Munroe! Can't wait to see the other versions.


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