Thursday, 24 November 2011

i heart brooches

It's true, I have tonnes of them, sparkley, flowery, vintage, modern, handmade, stitched, wooden. Love them.

I made some for the brooch swap, back here. I made some more, for friends and family, now I've made some more...

This lot actually made it into my shop.

I have so much to tell, but I seem to have fallen out of the blogging habit, hoping I'll find my groove again soon. 

Linking up with more creative spaces, so much Christmas stuff over there, damn I'm behind!


  1. Sweet brooches! Hope you find your blogging groove, but it can be hard, I'm sure, with busy little ones about!

  2. the all look awesome especially love the pink and orange one those knots are fab!!

  3. Ooh, these are so pretty! Love the colours and they are so delicate too. Thanks for visiting my blog - I love to share the stripey binding love around!

  4. so lovely, gorgeous colours and textures..I love me some brooches too! x

  5. They are so beautiful. I bet they are incredibly rewarding to make too. Gorgeous.


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