Friday, 1 July 2011

playing hooky

teachers + strike = fun for us 

We just managed to squeeze in a visit to the Shirley Hughes exhibition, celebrating 30 years of Alfie at The Illustration Cupboard, it sadly came down that afternoon. It was wonderful to see the actual drawings and paintings, I've loved her books since I was a child so it's really special to be able to share those books with my own children now and for us to have seen the exhibition together.

The gallery is lovely and friendly and has lots of children's books for sale, signed by the illustrators (great pressie opportunities there!) I picked out some Lauren Child books for the girls, she's going to be there next week and we're getting her to dedicate a book to Missy Big for her upcoming Birthday - how fantastic! (I'm sure I'm more excited about this, but I hope she will appreciate it in time).

And afterwards, lunch, a stroll in the park...

a little royalty hunting... (didn't see any)

and then heading home...

hooray for hooky days

have a great weekend x


  1. I love Shirley Hughes books - the illustrations are just brilliant, as are the gentle stories. The youngest of my three step-children is named Annie Rose after Alfie's sister! I have been lucky enough to listen to hear talk about children's literature - she's very inspirational.
    Looks like a lovely day out ofr you and your girls!

  2. I don't remember her books from my childhood but have been collecting them from jumbles for my own children as the illustrations are wonderful and the stories timeless.
    Glad to be able to comment, blogger hasn't let me recently for some reason!

  3. I would die if Lauren Child dedicated a book to anyone I knew! She is our favourite and our best!

  4. what a gorgeous book! and what a nice way to spend the day.and how gorgeous is your park.

  5. Well done, what a fab day. I had to bribe various people to look after the kids while I worked. How very very dull.

  6. Oh, these beautiful shots make me all wistful. I love London and really miss it. Shirley Hughes, WOW that must have been brilliant. And as for Lauren Child, she is one of my idols.
    Sounds like it was a perfect day, trying not to feel envious… not succeeding!


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