Thursday, 14 July 2011

my creative space

... is finishing the cushions

... wishing I had pretty window boxes
... thinking I might make a cushion for every age, imagining a wonky street of house cushions

... is planning a Fairy Party for next weekend

... is overcoming my dislike for yellow

... a first try at patchwork, for the birthday girl's present

Our creative spaces, take a look...



  1. oh Colette, these are lovely. I wish I had window boxes too now. How are the bridesmaids dresses coming along? I am guessing you have been wrapped in thread and fabric for a while now. All the best with it.

  2. These cushions are just adorable...I want to live in the pink gingham house! Your little girl will love these!

  3. These are really sweet! :)

  4. Oh wow! Your cushions are just gorgeous! Loving the selection of material for your patchwork's going to look great! Ooooh fairy party?..can I come :)x

  5. I love these cushions, how wonderful!

  6. Hi Colette..Your cushions are georgeous..they do have a real English look to them with their cottage plants in the window boxes..very sweet!

  7. Lovely cushions! i especially like the flowerbox detail :)

  8. Your little houses are adorable - especially the flowery window boxes.. love the idea of a wonky street!


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