Saturday, 4 June 2011

tents and scraps

The sun has been shining and we have been camping! Back in the cold gloom of January we thought about camping, and you kindly gave me advice about what we needed. We thought, and planned and bought a tent. And now we've been.

Wow it was such fun!! Some friends who have 2 girls, the same ages as ours invited us along, and after a whole 40 minutes of driving we arrived at our destination. 2 hours after we pitched the tent it chucked it down. No leaks. 
The next day was sunny and gorgeous. We had so much good, simple fun, playing snap, dominos, feeding ducks, sharing stories, it was so good we even stayed an extra night. This has been the best half term!

But none of you told us to take a heater! Yes, you read that right. I mentioned to a neighbouring family that it had been a cold night and I wish I'd had more blankets. They looked stunned, didn't we have a heater? Isn't that a bit noisy someone else enquired? No noisier than the fridge apparently! Speechless.

Need to start planning our next adventure now... 

Just before we went I received this gorgeous bundle of scraps from Linnhe at  Wee Mindings. A while back I took part in the Very Berry Handmade scrap swap, I'm so glad I did - so many yummy fabrics, I can't wait to start making with them.

This is what I sent to Linda at farm girl at home she already had plans for some of them within a day - can't wait to see what she makes.

I'm planning on having a go at a quilt in the autumn (no, not super organised, just realistic planning of time). I'd love to dive in right now, but there are more pressing things to be finished. I'm starting to collect the fabrics though, no harm in that, right? Some of my new scarps will be in it and some of the girls old clothes will get a new life, and some of the fabrics I've had loitering for years will finally get used. 

But right now the camping book is calling me....


  1. Well I never heard of a camping heater. Sounds like cheating to me! Glad you enjoyed your trip and hears to many more.

    Also love your little scrap packages- what fun!

  2. Heater? HEATER? are they mad? How? what? where would you get one? Don't think I approve of that! I find quilts or a quilted mattress protector on top of the air bed then extra quilts on top of the sleeping bags works a real treat. A friend of mine swears by sleeping on a sheepskin rug while camping.

  3. Hullo Colette, oh how wonderful camping and yes, its wonderful. I am so glad you had such a great time, and look forward to seeing your adventures more often as the weather warms up at your place. Have a wonderful week. I love the look of those scrappy bits of fabrics too.

  4. Hooray! Welcome to the light side for those who love camping!! No heaters for us when we camp just lots of layers and two hot water bottles in your sleeping bag :)

  5. I am in agreement with Nora, a heater? Unheard of! We have a feather doona just for camping (along with other blankets and sleeping bags just in case it gets awful cold.

    I am so glad to hear that you had a grand time, how wonderful!

  6. Hi Colette, so glad you liked the parcel , hope you can do something with the fabrics I sent.
    I'm afraid I gave up on camping after a few years. My sisters and I would arrange camping trips during the summer to have some family time together, and while I was more than happy to buy the tent and trimmings to join in I had to draw the line when one moved on to a caravan and the other a camper van. Besides which camping in Scotland just means getting wet!

  7. Hi Colette!
    Your camping trip looks and sounds fab!
    Also stopping by to say that I would like to pass on a 'Versatile Blogger' Award to you, as I do so enjoy reading your varied and interesting blog! Thanks and hope you will enjoy sharing the award, but if it's not your cup of tea, I won't be offended!
    Alix x

  8. hehehe a Heater ?! Ive never heard of a camping heater either hehe.

    oh what a fab swap to join!! what pretty fabrics..its always fun to recieve this kind of mail beats bills any day! hmm think i need to go find some more swaps to join.

    ps, yep christmas crafting already haha because if i dont i will never get it done ,but saying that i still most likley wont do anymore until christmas gets here lets hope im more organised other wise its going to be rush rush,oh well at least i have 3 made.:)

  9. oh yayyyy! You went camping and have the bug :) Your girls are going to grow up with the best of childhood memories :)
    I hate to say I'm a bit of a die hard camper so air mattresses and fridges don't make the list..and heaters...well thats why woolly jumpers were invented! haha! :)xx


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