Thursday, 23 June 2011

my creative space

Last week it was open studios around these parts and we tried to cram in as many as we could. The work that grabbed Missy Big and myself the most were the gorgeous puppets by Robyn Wilson-Owen. They are so charming, and mostly dressed in Liberty. If you're in need of a new friend pop to her shop.

 this one is made by Robyn

We came home with this friend for Little Missy, however she was more struck by the one her sister had started making with Robyn (not shown here - ever ambitious she wanted to move quickly on from finger puppets to making a puppet in a dress).

So while inspiration was burning a hole we all started to make one. Missy Big made 'Gemmy', I love her freckles and her hand stitched dress. She was so careful while cutting her hair and making sure it was even. 

She's being entered into the children's competition. I hope she has a fine time in her party dress.

The other 3 are getting there. 

Amidst all this creativity a lovely little brooch arrived here. Amy Prior sent me this little treasure as part of the brooch swap. I love her dotty skirt with stripy tights. Of course my girls adore her too - best make sure she's pinned up high. Thank you Amy!

More creative spaces over here.

p.s. the bridesmaid dresses are finished - WooHoo!!! 
The bride is coming to see it all this weekend, I hope she loves it all.
Lots of you kindly asked would I be showing some pictures of them - rest assured ladies, I will bore you silly with pictures after the wedding!


  1. Brilliant puppets. Looks like you had great fun.
    Must be a relief now the wedding stuff has gone!

  2. Gemmy's eyelashes are to die for. Well done Missy Big!

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you have them.


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