Thursday, 8 July 2010

getting there ...

I feel like we're getting somewhere on the allotment now. The last week or so has been too hot to go there most days, except for watering in the evenings, but we spent a few hours picking fruits and weeding at the weekend.

We've had blackcurrents, gooseberries, rhubarb, more peas and a couple of redcurrents that the birds had missed.

I also managed to get some chard and kale in that a friend gave me this week. It's looking good, everything seems to have had a growth spurt and I'm thrilled that it's all still alive!

The friend that gave us the plants has an allotment, though on a different site and this week we got to go and have a nose around, they've had it for a couple of years and it was very inspiring and I picked up plenty of tips. 
I love the community spirit that comes with an allotment, everyone is so generous with their plants, advise, crops and encouragement - it's great to get to know a different group of people.

I'm pleased to say that mission 'tax returns' is complete, phew. But this next week is going to be busy, Missy Big is going to be 5 very soon and I have a butterflies and pirates party to launch. She has been planning this since last August, so I mustn't disappoint.

Hello and welcome to my new followers and thank you all for the lovely comments, I do love it when you leave me a message!

Well I'm off to plan a treasure hunt, make a treasure chest, make bunting, sew a party dress, wrap the pass the parcel etc. etc. have a good week x


  1. Wow, your allotment is really coming along, must be all those hours of hard work you are putting in!
    Good luck with those party plans, it sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady!
    p.s how I yearn for it to be too hot, we've barely seen the sun in over a week!

  2. We had a pirate party one year for our eldest, I made all the party bags, then My other half built a wooden box to put them in, we dug a hole and buried it in the garden. The end of the treasure hunt lead them to a pile of spades and they had to WORK for those party bags. It was such fun! Reading this has brought it all back to me.


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