Friday, 23 July 2010

real tears

It's been a very busy couple of weeks, and very emotional. Our eldest girl turned 5 this week and I don't know why but it has made me cry.

She finishes school today for the 6 week holidays and I can't wait to have her back. As I looked at her baby pictures yesterday I wondered where the time has gone, and I've thought about all the things she has done, achieved and learned. I'm so incredibly proud of her. She has brought me tears of joy and sometimes despair, she makes me laugh, she's warm and caring, she's curious, she's bright, she's inventive, she's creative....  she's amazing.

And now I've mopped the tears up again I'll tell you she had a great party - the theme was Butterflies and Pirates and it was a very homemade affair. 

We made little chairs and tables, and a good friend helped me paint them.  

Everyone made a huge effort dressing up and the garden was filled with pirates and butterflies (some a combination of both) playing games and hunting for treasure, they had to find the goody bags containing gold (chocolate) coins that the the pirates had stolen and hidden in the garden. As they went home they took a lucky dip in the treasure chest to find their prizes.

I have to say I had great fun preparing it all, even though I was thoroughly exhausted at the end - who knew children's parties were such hard work?!

I just about managed to squeeze in a dress for Missy Big, a very simple pillowcase style dress (thanks to Google) which she loved, can't go wrong with pink and butterflies in her eyes!

Happy Birthday Missy Big, I love you x

I'm about to pick her up from school for the last time this school year, this is also making me cry. She's had a wonderful year in reception and has learned so much, made good friends and is becoming a confident little girl. Her teachers and the teaching assistants have been wonderful - fun, encouraging, caring and genuine, we've been very lucky to have them. 
I'm now going to enjoy every minute of having her all day every day for the next six weeks, so if it's a bit quiet over here - I'll be in the garden in a house made from blankets eating grass and daisy cakes and drinking muddy water tea...

enjoy the holiday! x


  1. Aw!!!!
    I felt the very same when Eldest Biscuit turned five....funny that!
    The party looked SO much fun, wish I had been there. Well done you for making such a huge effort for your girl!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what an enchanting party! I know how it feels to reach that 5 year mark. I am savoring the last bit of time with my girl before she goes into "The Big School" in a month and a half. I just know I'm going to drop her off and come home all tear stained and snotty.
    Enjoy the school holiday!

  3. Blimey! you've brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy your summer holiday. I'll think of you when I'm enjoying a refreshing cup of mud tea (who needs green tea?) with my pirates.

  4. Thank you for the comments, I seem to have a grip again - no tears today! Other birthdays have been fine so what is it about their 5th birthday that triggers us off? A few friends also said they had the same 'emotions' - what a rollercoaster eh! x

  5. Isn't being a Mum funny. They are so ready and hurrying to reach each milestone while we are there on the sideline weeping and feeling happy/sad and missing what's been before. Happy birthday to your Missy Big. It looks like you gave her a wonderful party. I love those chairs.


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