Wednesday, 26 May 2010

inspired by the birds

Over the last few weeks we've watched the birds busily gathering twigs and grass to build their nests. We have bluetits and 2 blackbird families nesting in our garden and they are a joy to watch as they hop about looking for food.

They have been on my mind I realised, as I was looking at bird related things on etsy - so I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

I do love bird cages and this silhouette is full of elegance and grace.

by awedore on etsy

These little birds are adorable, the reuse of old papers gives them such charm.
sweet birds by Cotton Bird Designs

I have a gorgeous painting by Cat Seyler Smith and I get so many lovely comments on it. It makes me smile every day, the colours are so warm.

by artist Cat Seyler Smith

I will keep you posted when the little chicks hatch and fill our garden with new life.

happy bird watching x


  1. Ooh how exciting!
    I love the ickle paper bird!

  2. how wonderful to have all those birds chosing your garden to nest- you must be very kind to them xx

  3. We have a wonderful variety of birds that come to our yard as well, they are so sweet to have around.
    I just popped over to your etsy shop, what lovely things! Those corsets are beautiful.


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