Wednesday, 5 May 2010

freshly cut

I'd just like to say hello, and thank you to all the super ladies that are following me and reading my waffle, it's great to know someone is reading this - and hopefully getting some pleasure!

I had a mooch around our garden this afternoon and cut some flowers to brighten up our kitchen.

This isn't something I normally do, it feels a bit naughty.
I don't know why, they are our flowers, we grew them.

I was encouraged by the lovely Miss Pickerings post 'cutting the garden'
this was her masterpiece:

I know mine doesn't compare but I was pleased with my little effort.
I do have a lack of vases and pots to put flowers in, this always becomes apparent when I'm holding a bunch of flowers desperately looking for something to house them in. All my jugs, vases etc are too small and topple over
- note to self - buy more vessels.

I love this gorgeous birdcage and can you believe that it's in a giveaway?
Yes that's right - a giveaway! Pop over to sixty one a and see if your luck is in... I'm hoping I'll be the lucky recipient obviously! I have just the space for it...

Hope your week is full of loveliness x


  1. Your flowers look lovely!! Thanks for the heads up on that giveaway..I'm off for a looksee!

  2. I've just found your blog. I also really like your etsy shop.

  3. Hello... first time to your blog, it's wonderful. Loving your flowers, I think it's lovelier than Miss P's...shhhh dont tell her :) lou x


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