Monday, 17 May 2010

butterflies and elephants

The sun shone so we set out to hunt for butterflies, elephants and dinosaurs.
Luckily they are only a tube ride away.

some fun on the lawns at the Natural History Museum

The beauty of the architecture still takes my breath away.

Whilst we were there we had to pop in and say hello to the dinosaurs and roar at the T-Rex, but the reason we went was to go to the Butterfly Explorers exhibition - there's a butterfly house to go into where they fly freely. If you're lucky they land on you, or you can spot the amongst the flowers, watch them come out of their chrysalis or see them feeding.

munching on bananas and oranges

We had a wonderful time and after our mini explorers had played in the wooden house and crawled through the log pile we headed off to look for elephants.

We found some just outside the V&A.

They are part of the Elephant Parade and there are 250 around London. This is a conservation campaign highlighting the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant, I think we'll have to go elephant hunting again and see if we can find the other 248.

On Sunday we had a quiet day at home and avoided the rain
and to finish off we had some birthday cake.

Happy Birthday! x


  1. Sounds like such a lovely day out and ending with cake, is there any better way to end a day of exploring?

  2. Fantastic day out colette...

    We have thought about going to the NHM this year with the boys, but have so far chickened out!

    I think we are just nervous of travelling to London with the boys and doing the tube... silly isnt it? Us yokal country folks!

    Well you have inspired me to get on with it... thank you ! x

  3. Wow the butterflies look amazing- I know a couple of little girls who would be enchanted! x


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