Thursday, 4 February 2016

Vintage Pledge

I have a fairly small vintage pattern collection, but I do intend to build it up! Though most importantly I need to actually use them and increase my me-made wardrobe.  

Which is where the Vintage Pledge comes in, hosted by A Stitching Odyssey and Kestrel Makes.

Seeing everyone elses finished items is sure to keep me motivated and help me find the time for some selfish sewing.

The appeal of the illustations on the pattern envelopes is often too hard to resist, the style and glamour they portray makes me long for days gone by. 

So, during 2016, I, Colette Moscrop, pledge to complete at least four new pieces using patterns from my vintage collection. The theory is that this will also help me to use up some of my fabric hoard and encourage me to only buy new fabric with a specific project in mind. Wish me luck with that part!


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  1. I look forward to seeing you wear your 2016 projects!


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