Saturday, 13 February 2016

memory quilt

I have boxes and boxes of baby and children's clothes that I just can't part with. Favourite trousers that were rolled around in at the park, dresses that were worn to birthday parties, pyjamas that are filled with memories of our favourite bedtime stories. The special items, the ones that were chosen everyday, now worn out at the knees - they are so precious. 

I've long been planning a memory quilt, but those boxes are just so overwhelming. After a huge New Year clear out, the boxes are a glaring reminder in the corner. So I've taken the plunge and have begun to cut the clothes up and I've made a start at cutting some into squares and rectangles.

This will be an improv quilt, I plan to work on blocks throughout the year, this is definitely a long term project, but one that I am going to thoroughly enjoy and savour. 

There is also a lot of pink, with two girls it was quite hard to avoid, especially if you're fussy and will only buy your children cotton clothing!  I hope I can tone it down with some of the blues and greens from my maternity clothes.

I have lots of jersey fabrics in the mix, I'm wondering if I should interface these, any suggestions? Now I just need to keep up the momentum!

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  1. may be interfacing would help if mixing in with woven cottons, light weight should do it. Can't wait to see it!


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