Wednesday, 3 July 2013


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Naomi, editor at Japanese magazine Patchwork Tsushin. The magazine is doing a feature on Modern Quilting and Naomi was coming to London to meet Kaffe Fassett at his home and to see his exhibition. Whilst here she wanted to come and meet me, with a photographer and to talk about my handprinted fabrics and modern quilting. 

I was thrilled, excited and slightly panicked all at the same time. I don't have many quilts. Though I do have a lot of prints, the result was my juicy cubes quilt. I also finished off these mini quilts.

I love text on fabrics and printed this wonderful quote by Pablo Picasso onto a pintucked mini.

This scraptastic mini started way back in September and is tiny scraps from dresses and projects I've made for the girls. 

I was super nervous on the day that Naomi and Hugh (the photographer) came, but I need not have worried. Naomi was lovely and very interested to discover how my quilting and printing journey have developed together. 
I showed Naomi my very first pieces of printed fabric, created using everyday items such as corks, empty spools and blocks of foam. We discussed screen printing and how I got started after a workshop with Lucie Summers and I showed her the stencils and screens I am currently using to create my fabrics and the objects and forms that inspire me. 

Naomi had sent me a copy of the magazine before she came to London, my goodness it is lovely. I wasn't familiar with it at all, and despite not being able to read Japanese it's a fascinating read. There are lots of picture tutorials I'm quite sure I could follow, and of course lots of stunning quilts.

Before they left we exchanged gifts, I gave a bundle of my handprinted fabrics and Naomi gave me a gorgeous and beautifully packaged Japanese handkerchief. 

I can hardly wait to see the magazine, which isn't out until the end of the year. 
But now I have no WIP's lurking about, time to start something new I think.


  1. oooooh!!!! How exciting! And I love your minis :-D

  2. How exciting for you, and well-deserved! The magazine looks incredible. Good on you xx

  3. What a wonderful experience. I picked up one of those magazines a long time ago at a quilt show that carried Japanese books and such. It's a wonderful one.

  4. Oh wow, how exciting!! And well deserved - your quilts are stunning. I'm so pleased for you. x

  5. How Exciting!!! Your little quilts are beautiful as is your printed cloth. I bet you can't wait for the article to come out. It looks like a great magazine, I'd never seen it before.


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