Monday, 1 July 2013

hand printed, hand quilted

I've had my head down and been beavering away lately, you know I'm not a speedy quilter, so I'm really chuffed to have finished  this one recently.

I'm really excited by this quilt, as it is my first one using fabrics I have screen printed myself. I love a juicy solid colour and thought these prints and solids really complimented each other.

I went for a simple design and used a printed square, within a solid square. I'm calling this one Juicy Cubes.

The back is strips of prints and solids on a mostly plain pale grey back.

Hand quilted in cotton perle.

I love this so much! 

There's so much more to share, I'm going to try and do a bit of a catch over then next couple of weeks. x  


  1. Fabulous colours and stitching. Your printing is amazing!!

  2. really fabulous. I particularly love the yellow square with the orange circle in it. It would make me very happy to wake up from a snooze under this one.

  3. A fabulous choice to showcase your fabrics.

  4. Juicy cubes is the best name for it! The back is as gorgeous as the front. My favourite square is the green one with the green circular print inside - lovely. xx

  5. This quilt is amazing - the hand printed fabrics look so beautiful framed by the solids.

  6. it's fantastic! I hope you are bringing it on sunday!


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