Friday, 22 June 2012

hand printing fabric

I have finally finished printing the fabrics for the handprinted fabric swap that Leslie Keating is hosting over at Maze & Vale. I've tried to work in my partners prefered colours, which are not my usual choices, but I like how they've turned out. 

I have really enjoyed playing around with simple shapes and mixing the colours. I used very basic tools in my printing, empty  reels of thread, old corks and cut out shapes from Mr's foam scraps. 

Never before has a Fat Quarter felt so enormous. 

It is incredibly satisfying to create your own designs on fabric.  I'm clearly very new to this, but I'm rather pleased how they turned out. 

This deep blue with silver highlights is my favourite.

But I like many of the testers too, I'll be adding some more images to my flickr page soon, there are many...

Playing along with our creative spaces


  1. Wow, these are fantastic. I really like the first one with the orange overlapping circles. Do you just use plain white fabric with fabric paint? If it's easy I might be tempted to have a go!

  2. Brilliant, I love it all.
    The blue and silver is my favourite too, looks a bit like keyboards.

  3. love the first one in particular - really cool!

  4. These are really lovely, especially the first one x

  5. wow, i love these, It's all my favourite things, fabric, school based craft ( potato prints?) and a use for old cotton reels ( why do I keep them all?!). You should just piece them up together - what a fab cushion?!

  6. These are so effective , the orange circles are my favourite too!

  7. I think the blue and silver is my favourite too. It looks like you really enjoyed yourself.


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