Friday, 9 April 2010

my day out - V & A Quilts exhibition

I don't get out much into my fabulous city, so when I do it's a huge treat

Today we had an outing to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Quilts exhibition. Ooooh I had a great day, children behaved, Mum was with us, the sun came out, all went like clockwork - perfect.

The quilts ranged from 1700 - 2010, the workmanship in the quilts was astounding, and the stories the quilts tell about the makers lives are fascinating. The fabrics that come from old sun dresses and curtains, the paper templates from old ledgers and receipts - the history and nostalgia draws you in.

image courtesy of V and A

I loved this quilt the most, Liberty Jack by Janey Forgan which was the Quilt 2008 winner. Made up of lots of union jack flags made from Liberty fabrics, this picture doesn't do it justice, it's bursting with colour and is so inspiring.

I contained myself in the shop - some limited edition Liberty fabric, created just for the exhibition did tempt me though - I'm not really a patchworker, but it grabbed me - so I gave in.

We spent some time outside just soaking up the enormity of the building and watching people interact with the installations. What joy.

happy quilting x

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  1. Ooh what are you going to make with the fabric? I'm hoping to see lots of V&A/Liberty print bags on the tube...


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