Saturday, 10 April 2010

flea market finds

There's something about typewriters that I can't resist, this one caught my eye and I knew she had to be mine.

Miss Parker (as I've named her) and I will be having some adventures and sending some notes...

She's not my first, I wonder will she be my last?

Play along and add your thrifty finds at Her Library Adventures.

happy typing x


  1. ooh i would love to find a nice old typewriter. i've seen a few in displayed in shops with a little sign next to it saying 'not for sale'. well done you finding one that was :)

  2. She is lovely! I'm a bit green...
    Ali x
    p.s just been to your shop, couldn't help myself.......x

  3. What a perfect find I would also love to find one like this..
    Brissy Op Shops

  4. a little secret... ebay is full of these, take a look and grab yourself a new friend, I think I was lucky with this one, it works and has many of it's original items with it, brush, oiler, cleaning cloth and carry case! I'm still beaming with joy!

    Thanks for stopping by my shop Ali - package is on it's way...

  5. Thank you Colette for my package, came super fast and I love, love, love them. So much in fact I'm not sure I can pass it on, am I bad?
    Thank you too Miss Parker for your message.....still green and have admit to being an Ebay virgin, wouldn't even know where to start!
    Ali x

  6. Glad you like them Ali, I too am guilty of buying a gift for someone else and then keeping it just for me (I'm blushing) - I only feel ashamed when they comment on how nice it is! x


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