Thursday, 6 December 2012

hand stamping fabric - tutorial

I have wrapped a few presents for crafty friends this year with handprinted fabric. I know they will love these, and I've had great fun doing it! So here's a little 'how to' if you want to do the same.

You will need:

-washed and ironed fabric to print on (yes, you have to wash it first to remove the size (coating) so you're actually printing on the fabric)
-shop bought craft stamps (I'm using clear ones with an acrylic block)
-Versacraft ink pad for printing on fabric, which are available in lots of colours
OR fabric paint and some foam / sponge / sponge roller (I used Setacolor which I got from Hobbycraft)
-old sheet or something to protect your work surface

Choose a stamp, I used mostly non Christmassy ones, so the fabric can be used all year round.

If you are using a Versacraft ink pad you should be fine using any design. 
If you are using fabric paint and the sponge method try out different stamps on a scrap of fabric first, I found the solid designs (the star) were OK but the stamps with a finer detail were a bit splodgy).

test piece, with varying results

Apply ink to your stamp, by either pressing onto your inkpad, or if you're using fabric paint, apply a little paint to your sponge and dab until you get a thin, even layer on your stamp - too much paint and you'll get a splodge. Practice on scrap fabric first.

If you get paint on your acrylic block edges, wipe it off before you print, it'll get messy otherwise.

To get a clear print, press firmly where the actual stamp is.
Now repeat in your chosen design, random, straight lines, stripes...

When you're finished allow the fabric to dry. Follow the instructions on your inkpad / fabric paint to set the inks to make your fabirc washable. I ironed these for a few minutes to set them. I've used these inks many times and found they wash very well.

Then wrap up your present and share the hand printed love.

Joining in with My Creative Space this week.


  1. so cute! What a lovely wrapping idea :-D

  2. Hi ho hi ho its off to hobby craft I go!
    Thank you for adding another thing on to my list of things to do before xmas list.

  3. Awesome Colette :) I'm so happy one of those pretty parcels was mine !!!!

  4. Fab idea! It never occurred to me to do this, but if you have an old sheet or something then what a thrifty way to make gift wrap. And it looks so pretty too, especially with the red velvet ribbon. x

  5. I'm stalking you 'cause you're one of my swap buddies in the handprinted fabric swap III.

    You're such a pro! Feeling just a wee bit intimidated now after reading this ;)


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