Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I finally finished my first quilt top today, and I love it. The colours, the print, the simple lines, everything. 


Just need to choose a backing now, and to machine or hand quilt it? It's not that big, 106 cm square-ish. 
Heart says by hand, time says by machine.

I also got a cushion made for my Mum, for Mother's Day last week. I LOVE how this turned out too, she's lucky I actually parted with it.
I made it with some linen I've had hanging around forever (about 15 years) and some cotton that has also been lingering for ages. 

I hand quilted this, sort of following Kate Conklin's advice, thanks Kelly for pointing me in the right direction. I am more than thrilled with the result.

Linking up with Freshly Pieced and Our Creative Spaces and wondering what to start on next? 


  1. Just beautiful Colette. I love the colours and the unusual piecing. xx

  2. Go you!! The cushion is gorgeous and your hand quilting looks perfect. Love the quilt - I would do a bit of both with reagrds to the quilting ;-)x

  3. Hullo Colette, oh it's so lovely to read by your blog again. I have missed you. ok this could be a big one. lol. I just love the dragonfly quilt, those colours are beautiful. My fave stripe is the little tapered rectangles, just so pretty, reminds me of the gaps between an old wooden fence sharing glimpses of garden on the other side. I love it. In regards to your beautiful stencilling, oh my GOSH! I keep all my sticker backs too. Now I know why, and also, do I have your permission to share that post, when I get my next blog post going? I will credit it all back to you, of course, but I really think this needs to be shared and would love to pass it on.
    Hoping your weather is just splendid at your place coming into spring with little buds popping up all over the garden. xx

  4. oh and p.s. that skirt is so very pretty. I love the button detail.

  5. Love that fabric! you always have such a great eye for the colours and combos...always gets me drooling!
    Would it be fair to say it seems you have developed a slight love for quilting?! hehe! :)x

  6. really lovely work - I am loving this!

  7. love that quilt top! Well done :-D

  8. Gorgeous work Colette! Love the added stitching on your cushion - bet your Mum adored it. : )


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