Thursday, 8 December 2011

creative Christmas

My creative space this week is trying to sneakily make 2 little girls a picnic blanket each for Christmas, it is of course great fun making vintage tea cups and yummy cakes from scraps of fabrics. But progress is a little slow, and you know that clock is ticking...

The magic is certainly in the air, making Christmas wishes as the girls sent their letters up the chimney to Father Christmas, I very nearly shed a tear.

Hoping the magic is with you too, I'm not getting around many blogs lately - I'll pop by your place soon - I promise! x


  1. loving the tea cups, and seriously loving the idea of picnic blankets. Clever you.

  2. loving the last picture that you shared!!! super cute

  3. Oh so sweet..our house is full of excited girls too!(the youngest of which has discovered her fave thing to do is noody dancing around the twinkling xmas tree!!)
    What a gorgeous picnic blanket too..lucky girls xx

  4. Really, their letters go up the chimney? What a lovely idea, oh I so wish I'd heard about that one - mind you we don't have a chimney, so ours went through Australia Post - sadly no where near as reliable. ; )

  5. Lovely pics! And the picnic blankets are going to be fantastic. Lucky things!


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