Tuesday, 16 August 2011

time to stitch, time to think

There is something very calming about sitting down and hand sewing. The slow repetitive rhythm, the peace, the texture of the fabrics, the colours working together and a new piece coming to life. And thinking time, time to process all that is whizzing through my mind.

I made another brooch, this one was made for my Mum's birthday. She likes purple, and French Knots and Liberty fabrics, so this was a winner in her eyes. I'm a bit hooked on making them too, I feel a few more coming on... 

I feel like I'm finding my feet too, when I started this blog, it was with a plan to discover 'what I do'. Since having the children I have lost my way a little. Before they were born I worked in fashion and designed and made evening wear which sold in boutiques. 
That doesn't fit with my life and passions anymore. I don't have the time to work on new patterns and collections twice a year and neither do I have the inclination. 
But I do want to work again, and to be able to do something creative would be a dream .

I have taken part in a few swaps on blogs and this has made me work in new ways and think differently about what I do, what I know, and has helped me to channel those ideas into new designs.
I'm brimming with ideas now, I just hope I get to make some things and get them 'out there'. My poor little Etsy shops have been neglected lately.  However the little one starts nursery school in September - my goodness I have big plans for those free mornings! 


  1. Great post Colette. I know those feelings. Good luck! I know it will be fab.

    ooh er my word verification is blessed.
    There you go, its official!

  2. Sounds exciting! I wonder where you free mornings will take you?

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you get done in those free mornings!

  4. Strange how having family makes you re-evaluate yourself. 14 years after having my boys and I'm still trying to discover 'what I do' !
    That is one of the joys of being creative, there's always another route to take to express yourself, and if it doesn't take you where you want to go you can make a detour and try something else.
    I love the look of your brooches and look forward to seeing some more

  5. I like how you see your blog as a ground for finding out what you do! I have started bringing a lot more creativity into my life since I started writing mine, and it's been great to feel inspired by swaps and the exchange with other crafty bloggers.

    Have fun realizing all your new ideas!

  6. Your brooch is beautiful - I love Liberty and purple too - lucky mum! I relate to your feelings about having to re-think - I was not able to go back to my career after my sons were born, and have struggled with finding a way forward. All the very best with your plans!


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